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Welcome to Reykholt in

West Iceland

Distance from Reykjavík: 108 km,
road 518 – all paved. 


Reykholt  is one of Iceland’s main historic sites, a cultural centre past and present. Snorri Sturluson, a famous medieval historian, politician and chieftain settled in Reykholt in 1206 and was killed there in 1241.

In Reykholt you will find...
  • Snorrastofa and the Church of Reykholt. A cultural and medieval centre and a church centre.
  • Snorralaug and the archaeological site. The most distinctive antiquity in Reykholt is the pool of Snorri Sturluson, called Snorralaug. The pool and the water conduit, leading water from a nearby hot spring, date back to the 10th century and are maybe the oldest preserved constructions in Iceland.
  • The District School. A district school was located in Reykholt between 1931–1997. Snorrastofa rents out its facilities for conferences, workshops and visiting scholars and artists.
  • Fosshotel Reykholt. A quality hotel is open all year in Reykholt.
  • Marked and signed paths are in Reykholt and the nearby landscape.
  • Close by: Deildartunguhver, Europe’s most powerful hot spring; Hraunfossar, the great lava waterfalls; Húsafell (a summer residence); golf courses; swimming pools; horse riding; a gas station; a grocery; camping sites and farmhouse accommodation.


March 2012


Southern artist brings life to the Magic Carvings

This moment the painter Hallur Karl Hinriksson is working here in Snorrastofa on an installation of the portal or the magic carvings to be displayed in the entrance of the exhibition dedicated to Snorri Sturluson, and it will be opened this summer. The portal is getting a new life in the hands of the artist so that the guests and tourists can enjoy the gallery even more.
Hallur Karl Hinriksson is from the South of the country. He was educated in École Supérieurd'Art de Quimper (French Art School in Bretagne). In the portal he uses the old antique colours which have been produced the same way for many centuries.
Last year many people already enjoyed the wood carvings by the Norwegian carving artist Biarte Aarseth with Sigríður Kristinsdóttir having designed them. And now it is even more exciting to take the game further – the axes come alive in the hands of Hallur Karl - the master of colours from the district Flóinn - in full accordance with the colours as they existed in the Middle Ages.


Two new books published

by Snorrastofa


Studies in
Book Painting
by dr. Lena
Liepe, professor
in art history at
the University
of Oslo



Snorris Edda
in European
and Icelandic
Editor: dr. Jon
Jon Gunnar
professor in
nordic studies
at the Uni-
versity of Oslo





October 2009.
Conference held in Reykholt about languages on small geographical areas, language politics, Nordic intercommunication, translation and sign language,

16th Viking Congress held in Iceland in August 2009.


Nordic Viking Game

Snorrastofa has been invited to participate in a project where the goal is to make a Nordic digital interaktiv viking game for children, presenting the central places of the Viking age. The visitor will experience the connection between various places from this period. Some places are already represented and Snorrastofa will be added in 2009. The product is sponcored by the Nordic Council of Ministers.
The game can be found on the following link:

Summer 2008

New exhibition on the archaeological excavation in Reykholt has been opened in Finnsstofa.



About Snorrastofa



Opening hours during summer

in Snorrastofa

May 1st - September 30th:

All days 10-18

Also on request

Price list...

Gestatofa - Tourist reception

Snorrastofa has a general tourist reception on the ground floor of the building. An exhibition on Snorri Sturluson is also located there. The reception offers lectures on Snorri Sturluson and the history of Reykholt.
The reception also arranges concerts in the Church of Reykholt and rents out the facilities for conferences and scholars in Snorrastofa. (See overview and price list...). 
A souvenir shop has books, music, postcards, and Icelandic design and handicraft for sale.
Snorrastofa offers personal guided tours and services. On request lectures can be given on Snorri Sturluson and the history of Reykholt. 











The Exhibition Snorri’s saga

Snorrastofa in Reykholt is responsible for this exhibition and the staff of the institution offers both information and guidance. The life of Snorri Sturluson (1179–1241), his environment and his time period are discussed both in text and images in this exhibition.

Málverk Hauks Stefánssonar af
Snorra Sturlusyni


















Snorri Sturluson 1179–1241

Snorri Sturluson (1179–1241), chieftain in Reykholt, saga-writer and politician, is one of the most famous Icelanders of any time. As an author and poet, Snorri preserved the Norse cultural heritage in his works, but it is no less tempting to see Snorri as a man of the world: a man who was nourished by the multinational Roman Catholic culture from the time of his childhood and was both directly and indirectly a participant in the cultural life and politics of Europe. As a politician, Snorri left his mark on his society in the 13th century. Snorri wrote some extraordinary fine literary works in Reykholt, such as Snorra-Edda, Heimskringla, a history of the Norwegian Kings, and Egil’s saga. He also led a dramatic life, and both he and his works have become an inexhaustible source of new inspiration for artists. The saga of Snorri Sturluson is the subject of a special exhibition at Snorrastofa.

July 29th, Sunday at 14:00
The Church of Reykholt

A Cross at Reykholt 2012
When a new church was constructed at Reykholt in 1988 - 1996 it was decided not to have a cross on the church´s tower which is traditional. Instead it was decided to have a large cross standing in front of the church.
The cross is symbolic for the church and Christianity. It is the symbol of Christ´s Passion and Resurrection, the central theme in his remembrance and central to Christian tradition....

April 14th, Saturday at 16:00
in Reykholtskirkja

Kammerkór Suðurlands (The South Iceland Chamber Choir)








by Snorrastofa

Below are blueprints of future buildings
and detalied land-use plan in Reykholt
on pdf files:

Deiliskipulag íbúðarlóða og viðbygginga
við eldri hús í Reykholti
Formminjar frumtillaga
Grunnmynd kjallari
Grunnmynd 1. hæð
Reykholt framtíðarskipulag




Cultural and
medieval centre,
founded in memory
of chieftain/scholar Snorri Sturluson,
and situated in his ancient homestead
at Reykholt.
Snorrastofa manages
various research projects, runs a library and
provides reception and information for


Opening hours: 
May 1st -
Setpember 30st:
Daily 10-18
October 1st -
April 30th:
Weekdays 10-17
Also on request


Price list...


Tourist reception
and booking of concerts


The library is open weekdays 9-17


Tel: 433 8000
320 Reykholt






Music Festival










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