"Snorri" a new guide for smart phones and tablets July 1. 2018

"Snorri" a new guide for smart phones and tablets

Snorrastofa has increased its services to guests by releasing a digital audio-guide for the place. Preparations for the release have been ongoing for quite some time and is based in great part on the work that has gone into the signage around Reykholt which informs visitors about the place and Iceland’s most famous son, Snorri Sturluson. 

The guide-app is simply called ‘Snorri’ and can easily be found on today’s smart phones and tablets. It is based on GPS location technology and invites those who download it a short guided tour around Reykholt along with information about services in the area as well as interesting places and entertainment.  

If visitors wish to delve deeper into the history and environment in Reykholt, they can make their way to Snorrastofa’s visitor’s centre on the ground floor of Reykholt’s Church – Snorrastofa. The exhibition on Snorri Sturluson has been translated into English, Norwegian, German and French and offers tablets with further reading on the exhibition, additional language options and an audio-guide.  

The Icelandic software company Locatify has built the outdoor guide-app with automatic GPS location-technology.

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