Housing that Snorrastofa has at its disposal is an office, a library and guest apartment in the main building of Reykholt church – Snorrastofa;

Conference hall in the old District school (Héraðsskólinn); conference hall and 2 studio rooms.

In addition, Snorrastofa rents the assembly hall of Reykholtskirkja for exhibitions. Snorrastofa also owns the Þórshamar (Thor’s hammer) residential building in Reykholt.

About the rental of guest apartment and rooms

Ground keeping

Snorrastofa oversees the care of Reykholt’s grounds and during the summer additional staff is hired to take care of it. The local councilor directs the grounds keeping.

Surveillance of antiquities

Minjastofnun has commissioned Snorrastofa with the responsibility of and to supervise Snorri’s pool, which is considered to be one of the oldest preserved structures in Iceland.

Snorri’s pool cleaned