Guided tours, talks and lectures

Guided tours, talks and lectures

We offer tours, talks and lectures of varying lengths on Snorri, the library and the church. Live lectures and presentations for groups are a great addition to the visit to Snorrastofa. Lectures and guided tours are offered in Icelandic, Nordic languages, English and German.

Pay attention to the audio guide Snorri. It is an app that can easily be found on today’s smart phones and tablets. Please search on App store or Play store and download. 

Off-peak visitors can order light refreshments in advance.


Tel: + 354 433 8000

Exhibition entrance fee. The Audioguide Snorri on Reykholt, walking through history (incl.)

• Adults ISK 1.700
• Disabled and elderly ISK 1.500
• Children under 18 Free
• High school gropus ISK 1.500
• Primary school groups ISK 600

Travel agencies please contact for pricelist, guided tours and lectures. 

Please do order guided torus, lectures and refrechments in advance

Visits from schools

The visitors’ reception often welcomes school groups and gives an introduction to Snorri Sturluson and his work.  Please book ahead (see above).

Prices for school groups
(minimum 10 in a group)

Primary schools

600 kr. per student. 

Secondary schools, Colleges and further education

1.500 kr. per student, including an introduction.