To the right: 11th-century Runestone from Sweden commemorating the death of Oleifr in “Langbarðalandi ” (Southern Italy), possibly while serving under Harald Hardrada against the Normans. To the right: the Byzantine invasion of Sicily 1038, to which Harald took part, from the 12th-century Skylitzes Matritensis. May 29. - 31. 2023

„Call for Papers: A Viking in the Sun“


Call for Papers
A Viking in the Sun:
Harald Hardrada, the Mediterranean, and the Nordic World, between the late Viking Age and the Eve of the Crusades
Event 1: Textual and Material Sources and their Performativity
Snorrastofa (Reykholt, Iceland), 29-31 May 2023

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Boys' choir from Herning Cathedral, Denmark October 18. 2022

Boys' choir from Herning Cathedral, Denmark

Reykholt Reykholtskirkja

Herning Church's Boys' Choir is a modern church choir with a wide repertoire. The choir wants to integrate world-class music with high educational standards and strong values, thus giving every boy the opportunity to be part of a professional choir with a very high level of ambition.

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Tónleikum Collegium Musicum aflýst vegna veðurs October 9. 2022

Tónleikum Collegium Musicum aflýst vegna veðurs

Reykholt Reykholtskirkja

Því mður verður að aflýsa tónleikunum sem búið var að auglýsa í kirkjunni sunnudag 9.okt kl 17 vegna slæmrar veðurspár.

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Renaissance conference in Snorrastofa Reykholt September 28. - 30. 2022

Renaissance conference in Snorrastofa Reykholt

Snorrastofa Reykholt

Renaissance Itineraries: Tracing Spaces & Places in the Early Modern World. The Fifth Conference of the Nordic Network for Renaissance Studies 28-30 September 2022.
The conference is open for all, you can register with
Conference fee is 5.000 kr

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Evening with Harald Hardrada (Hard-Ruler) August 3. 2022

Evening with Harald Hardrada (Hard-Ruler)

Snorrastofa Library

Wednesday, August 3 at 8PM, Gianluca Raccagni gives a lecture at the Library in Snorrstofa about Harald "Hardrada" Sigurðarson.
'Snorri Sturluson, Harald Hardrada, and his Mediterranean Adventures on the Eve of the Crusades'.

Dr. Raccagni is a lecturer in medieval history at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland.

The lecture is open an free of charge.

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Reykholt music festival July 22. - 24. 2022

Reykholt music festival

Reykholt Reykholtskirkja

From the 22.nd to of July 2022

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Rock and roll in Reykholt July 16. 2022

Rock and roll in Reykholt

Reykholt Reykholtskirkja

Rock concert, The Evil Pizza Delivery Boys. Admission 3.000 Iskr

Haderslev Cathedral girls' choir July 8. 2022

Haderslev Cathedral girls' choir

Reykholt Reykholtskirkja

The girls in Haderslev Cathedral's girls' choir can hardly wait
In July the choir is going on a singing trip to Iceland. There is free entrance.

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Conference Thoreau & the Nick of time May 27. 2022

Conference Thoreau & the Nick of time


Thoreau Symposium to be held at The Snorrastofa Cultural and Medieval Centre, Reykholt, Iceland, on May 25-27 (Wed-Fri), 2022, with voluntary joint excursions on May 28-29 (Sat-Sun), 2022.

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