Cooperation agreement between Snorrastofa and an Italian medieval town September 28. 2023

Cooperation agreement between Snorrastofa and an Italian medieval town

On Sunday, a formal cooperation agreement was signed between Snorrastofa in Reykholt and the municipality of Gradara in Italy. It was Bergur Thorgeirsson, director of Snorrastofa, and Filippo Gasperi, mayor, who sealed the agreement, while Bergur took part in the "Gaming and Cultural Heritage" symposium at the Gradara Ludens Festival 2023 in this beautiful town of 5,000 people on the east coast of Italy, just south of Rimini. Bergur stayed at the place at the invitation of the commune, which features a magnificent fortress and a medieval castle. The trip was connected to Snorrastofa's ambition to develop exhibitions in the entire old school building in Reykholt, when it finally comes into the hands of the institution. It also emerged indirectly from a research project by Snorrastofa and the University of Edinburgh on the Norwegian King Harald hardrada and his adventures in the Mediterranean, which Snorri Sturluson discussed in his Heimskringla from 1230. Gradara gets just around 500 thousand visitors annually, of which are 150 thousand children on school trips in the spring and autumn. The place is like Reykholt and Snorrastofa in the third degree, and Snorrastofa can learn a lot from its activities in the field of exhibitions, sharing of antiques and all kinds of events.


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