Welcome to Reykholt, home of Snorri Sturluson

This guide published by Snorrastofa provides information about Reykholt and hopefully adds to visitors´ experience and enjoyment when walking around the main sites. You will also find information about the services offered here.

Visitors have the option of walking around Reykholt, choosing languages,  guiding them around and leading them through the history and culture of the place. You can also see a bird´s eye view map and get to know each site with the help of images and text.

Here you can also find information about nearby nature highlights, services and restaurants in the area, accommodation, public transport, weather and activities.

A visit to Reykholt provides a unique insight into the history of Iceland as well as offering charming surroundings for walks and spending time in the tranquil great outdoors.



At Snorrastofa guest reception we offer an exhibition about Snorri Sturlusons live and an indoor audioguide/app downloaded onto the visitor's own device. The guide is avaliable  in five different languages. The entrance to the guest reception is by the lower car park, under the church tower.

The outdoor audioguide/app is downloaded onto the visitor´s own device. With the aid of GPS technology, information about each site switches on as you get to it.

The indoor audioguide is included in the entrance fee for the exhibition Snorri Sturluson and his Time. The audioguide/app is available in Icelandic, English, Danish, German and French.


Visitor’s Reception’s Opening Hours

1 May – 31 August:
every day 10 – 17

1 Sept. – 30 April:
weekdays 10 – 17
Otherwise by arrangement.