Renaissance conference in Reykholt
28. - 30. september 2022

Renaissance conference in Reykholt

Snorrastofa Reykholt

Wednesday 28 September



17:00             Departure from BSÍ – Reykjavík Bus Terminal

18.30–19.00: Arrival in Reykholt

19.30–21.00: Registration and Dinner


Thursday 29 September



8.00: The Conference Hall

Welcome by Bergur Þorgeirsson, Director of The Snorri Sturluson Research Centre, and by Marianne Pade, Chair of The Nordic Network for Renaissance Studies



8.30: The Conference Hall

Professor emeritus Helgi Þorláksson: Reykholt in the Time of Snorri Sturluson



9.15–10.45: Papers

Conference Hall


Bishop’s Room



Iter septentrionale: When Renaissance humanism went north I

Chair: Peter Zeeberg


Marianne Pade:

Humanism and Philology


Anders Borggaard:

Paternal Princes in Lutheran Northern Europe


Johann Ramminger:

Measuring Scandinavian Latin



Book itineraries

Chair: Outi Merisalo


Benjamin Wallura:

Travelling to and through the Surface: Early Modern Vulcanology and Geology at the University of Helmstedt and the Ducal Libraries of Brunscwick-Wolfenbüttel in the Seventeenth Cent.


Bernd Roling (Zoom):

Wandering Ghostlights: Early Modern Debates on the ignis fatuus, Travelling from Germany to Iceland


Metropolitan Itineraries:

Social and Textual Mobility in Early Modern London.


Part 1: Moving in and around the London Stage

Chair: Per Sivefors


Elisabeth Lutteman:

Borrowed Sounds of the City: Trajectories of an Early Modern English Stage Song


Kiki Lindell:

“With a hey, ho, the wind and the rain”: Itinerant Actors, Outdoor Conditions, and Learning from the Inside


Spiritual, Emotional, and Political Itineraries: Female Dialogues in Renaissance Italy I

Chair: Ida Caiazza


Unn Falkeid:

Justified Anger: The Body Politics of Margherita Datini (1360–1423)


Eleonora Capuccilli:

Pastoral Missions and Invisible Travels: The Prophetic Itinerary of Caterina da Racconigi


Eleonora Carinci:

From Cloistered Spaces to Secular Places: Relationships and Movements in Felice Rasponi’s Autobiographical Dialogue


10.45–11.00: Coffee Break


11.00–12.30: Papers

Conference Hall


Bishop’s Room



Iter septentrionale (cont.)


Trine Arlund Hass:

Terms of debate


Johannes Isacius Pontanus’ Northern Antiquarianism

Chair: Marianne Pade


Giovanni Grandi:

Pontanus on Curtius Rufus: Antiquarian Philology and Mistakes across Renaissance Europe


Damiano Acciarino:

Pontanus and Mythology: The Case of Trigla


Outlooks from Iceland on the Early Modern World

Chair: ?


Lorenz Hindrichsen:

Reading Artefacts as Meta-Commentaries on Global Encounters at Þingeyrar Church, Iceland (1470-1700)


Þórunn Sigurðardóttir:

Disaster at Home and Abroad: The Literary Travels of an Icelandic Poet


Már Jónsson:

An Icelandic Captivity Tale of the Early Seventeenth Century


Metropolitan Itineraries. Part 2: Social Itineraries and Mobile Interaction in the Metropolis

Chair: ?


Anna Swärdh:

‘Lunden’ in ‘ängaland’: Early Modern Swedish Experiences of London


Per Sivefors:

Satirical Itineraries: The Elizabethan Road to Success – or Elsewhere


Spiritual, Emotional, and Political Itineraries II

Chair: Eleonora Capuccilli


Clara Stella:

Authorship and Exile within the Voice of Olympia Fulvia Morata


Ida Caiazza:

Literary-Geographical Itineraries in the Renaissance Women Writers’ Image of the relicta mulier


Independent paper

Camilla Kandare:

Paths toward Spiritual Perfection: Embodied Itineraries in the Early Modern Enclosed Convent


12.30–14.00: Lunch

14.00–16.00: Papers


Conference Hall


Bishop Room



The North and the South

Chair: ?


Astrid Nilsson:

Northern Itineraries: Johannes, Olaus, and the Carta Marina (1539


Ojārs Lāms and Mārtiņš Laizāns:

The Livonian Boomerang: Acquiring Knowledge and Education for Homeland’s Sake


Miryana Dimitrova:

Englishmen and Turks Journeying on the Wings of the Ancients: The Image of Alexander the Great as a Meeting Point of Eastern and Western Mindsets in Thomas Goffe’s Play The Courageous Turk


Peter Zeeberg:

From Hven to Prague – Tycho Brahe’s Last Journey


Libraries, Books, Texts, Language on the Move I

Chair: ?


Peter Sjökvist:

Travelling Books – Literary Spoils of War from Poland in Sweden, and Beyond


Grigory Vorobyev:

Aristotle’s Journey from Italy to England: A Traveling Scribe and his Book


Maria Salenius:

Reaching both the Indias: Exploration and Travel as a Trope for John Donne’ Worldview


Thorbjørn Nordbø:

Machiavelli – Secretary Itinerant




Gazing into the Beyond

Chair: ?


Unn Irene Aasdalen:

Philosophical Itineraries: Giovanni Pico on the Soul’s Decent


Joseph William Sterrett:

‘I saw Eternity the Other Night’: Metaphysical Images of the Infinite


Else Marie Lingaas:

Orpheus’ Journey to the Underworld – a Renaissance Dilemma


Renaissance Art and Museology I

Chair: Peter Gillgren


Maria Fabricius Hansen:

Travelling Imagery: Germany and Rome in the Bolognese Frescoes of Amico Aspertini


Karin Tetteris:

Bringing Home the Trophies – Objects, Space, and Meaning During the Reign of Erik XIV.


Mattias Ekman:

‘In the 3rd Chamber there was to see’: Place-Making as Museology in 17th-Century Travel Notebooks


Bláithín Hurley:

The Boylean Myth: Importing Artwork to Create a Legacy in Early- Modern Ireland


16.00–16:30: Coffee Break


19.00–20.00: Reception Sponsored by the Neo-Latin Association of Denmark


20.00–22.00 : Conference Dinner at Fosshótel Dining Hall

Friday 30 September

09.00–10.30 Papers


Conference Hall


Bishop Room



North and South II

Chair: ?


Raja Sarasti-Wilenius:

Between Scylla and Charybdis. Swedish Treatises on Peregrination (17th and 18th Centuries)


Dustin M. Neighbors:

The Huntress’ Movements: Women and the Itinerant Nature of Hunting in Early Modern Scandinavia


Bjørn Bandlien:

Shaping Royal Identities by Crossing the Sea: The Case of King James of Scotland and Queen Anna of Denmark




Libraries, Books, Texts, Language on the Move II

Chair: ?


Patrizia Carmassi:

Itineraries through Libraries: Philologists and their Search for Ancient Manuscripts in 17th-Century Europe


Nadia Cannata:

Itineraries through Language and Space: Latin and Vernacular(s) in Italian Public Script (14th-15th Century)


Michael Ingham:

‘We Commit no Crime / To Use One Language in Each Several Clime’: Shakespear’s Treatment of Language and Culture in the Imaginary Settings and Journeys of his Late Romances


Expanding Horizons

Chair: ?


Christian Dahl og Anne Fastrup:

Involuntary Travels to Foreign Worlds


Randi Lisa Davenport:

Gendered Itineraries: Female Characters’ Movements in the Trials of Persiles and Sigismunda, A Northern Story (1617) by Miguel de Cervantes


Mikkel-Theis Paulsen:

Tragicomic Visions of Conquest in Early Modern Spain & England


Renaissance Art and Museology II

Chair: ?


Peter Gillgren:

Marcus Aurelius on the Capitoline Hill


Mattia Biffis:

Itinerant Matter: Rubens and the Itineraries of Paintings in Early Modern Europe


Hanne Kolind Poulsen:

Melchior Lorck’s Pictures og ‘the Other’


11.00–12:00: Business Meeting of the Nordic Network for Renaissance Studies


12.15–13:30: Lunch


14.00: Departure to the waterfall Hraunfossar and the national park Þingvellir, the site of the Icelandic parliament from 930 to 1798.


19.00: Arrival in Reykjavík


The conference is funded by The Snorri Sturluson Centre in Reykholt, The School of Humanities, University of Iceland, and the Árni Magnússon Institute for Icelandic Studies


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